Connected bed bug detectors - How do they work?

Bedbug detected = Email alert

Every time a bed bug enters a Pod, you'll receive an email with a photo and the room number. It's as simple as that.

Attract bed bugs

Our patented natural pheromone is far more effective than synthetic pheromones, and has no perceptible odour.

Bedbugs spend most of their time between the mattress and the bed frame. So we’ve designed the Pod to be slim enough to be placed between the mattress and the bed frame without being noticed by customers.

This is the best possible location because the Pod is on the route between their hiding places and their food.

Other traps, which are located at the feet or on the floor, are immediately at a disadvantage – why would a bed bug leave the bed when it doesn’t need to?

avoid false alarms

Once a bedbug has entered a Pod, it is automatically photographed. This photograph is analysed by our algorithms to ensure that it is indeed a bedbug, before being sent to the customer. Our artificial intelligence image processing enables us to avoid false alarms for our customers.

Designed for all types of accommodation

We’ve designed the Pod to run on batteries. To minimise the hassle of replacing them, we’ve matched their lifespan to the lifespan of the pheromone.

The pods are preconfigured to connect to a type of wireless network called LoRaWAN (LoRaWAN is a radio telecommunications protocol enabling low-speed communication between connected objects).

We supply routers to cover the entire facility. As a general rule, only one is needed, but this can vary depending on the hotel’s configuration. The routers require a power supply and that’s it! They are autonomous thanks to 4G.

French D-Tech provides continuous monitoring to ensure system availability. The system can be self-installed and maintained with remote support.