Detect bed bugs before it's too late.

The only detector capable of informing you in real time of the presence of a bedbug in your establishment!

They trust us


– Fast installation

– Fast detection

– Real-time email alert

– 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


– No room or establishment closures

– No need to replace bedding

– Less costly treatments thanks to rapid detection before mass propagation

– No loss of business

– No impact on e-reputation


– Natural pheromones

– Recyclable pods

– Preservation of furniture

– Fewer chemical treatments

Be a step ahead of this global scourge in your accommodation establishments.

Be warned before your customers.

Quick and easy to install.

Email alert in real time as soon as a bedbug is detected.

Our innovative bed bug detector system guarantees simple, fast, real-time detection of the number one enemy of hotels and all accommodation establishments ((nursery, retirement home, campsites, boarding schools, youth hostels…)

The Spotta™ detector is a revolutionary way of preventing the damage that bed bugs can cause to guests, to the establishment ( bedroom closure, treatment costs, operating losses) without forgetting the reputation of the establishment.

How do the bedbug detectors supplied by French D-Tech work?

Installation is quick and easy.

Simply place a detector under each mattress. The detector configures itself and automatically connects to our network.

Once the detectors are installed, you can relax and forget about them.

If bed bugs are in the room, they are irresistibly attracted by the pheromones in the pod.

As soon as a bedbug enters the detector, it is trapped and a photo is taken.

The system analyses the insect and alerts you if it’s a bedbug.

You’ll receive an email alert telling you which room is affected.

You’ll even get a photo of the insect!

How the Bed Bug Detection Pods work

Whether you're a hotel, a retirement home or an accommodation establishment, the way it works is the same.

French D-Tech equips you with a latest-generation detector for each mattress. Once in place, the boxes detect the pests for you. They are battery-powered and operate on a low-energy wireless network.

The detector contains pheromones specially designed to attract bed bugs. When one of them enters, it automatically triggers a photo to be taken. An email is then sent to you specifying the room number to facilitate eradication.

Détecter les punaises de lit à l'hôtel

Could my establishment be affected by these infestations?

In France, the Ministry of Solidarity and Health has made their eradication a major priority. They are not specific to any one type of establishment or any one region of the world.

You are potentially affected if you are :

Wherever humans live, bedbugs can feed and reproduce.

Because no one is immune to infestations or bites, French D-Tech and Spotta ™ are introducing the very first detector that is over 94% effective.

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Find out all about the detectors supplied by French D-Tech

The pods are completely wireless and battery-powered. Installation involves peeling off a self-adhesive pad and placing it on the bed frame. It takes less than a minute. The detector box automatically connects to the network and you can see that it is working on your dedicated portal. If necessary, telephone assistance can guide you.

The system will send you an email. You can choose as many email addresses as you like for us to send alerts to. This can include your external service providers. You can change the recipients at any time on your online space.
In addition, you can check the current monitoring status and all past detections.

Every 6 months we supply replacement cartridges for the battery and pheromones. Simply exchange them and use the original packaging to return the old ones free of charge to FRENCH D-Tech for recycling. It only takes a few seconds per box.

The pods connect to a wireless network called LoRa. We supply LoRa routers. Typically, one router will cover around 200 pods. These LoRa gateways must be connected to the Internet via wired Ethernet or WiFi.

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French D-Tech equips each bed with a state-of-the-art detector. Once in place, the boxes detect pests for you.

A major innovation for the benefit of our customers and the hotel's reputation.

French D-Tech offers connected bedbug detectors.

"It's no longer a worry": this hotel uses a revolutionary box to combat bedbugs.

Bedbugs: what is this revolutionary tool that uses artificial intelligence to get rid of them?

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